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Retired Navy Diver, with 16 years of Navy Diving and salvage experience and 5 years of inland diving. Now living in Denison Tx. 

What we can do

I can provide almost any underwater assistance you may need, from light salvage, boat maintenance and cleanings, lost item recovery, (keys, wallets, phones) underwater repair, cutting, and inspections. 

If you have a the need for a diving service give me a call, and I will see what I can do. Just because its underwater doesn't mean its impossible, it means it takes someone with special training and knowledge to tackle the task.

Grapevine Lake , Silverlake Marina

Working with Rayco Marinas, using scuba to attach new cable to existing anchor then connected to breakwater.

Pier 121, Lewisville Lake

Working with Rayco Marinas, 2016 Storm damage repair, underwater bracing and support columns 

Lake Texoma

Large propellers removed with Jobe Marine at Highport Marina. 

Boat Recovery / Salvage

After recover from deeper water

Vessel sank off of private dock, was lifted and moved in to shallows. 

Secound part

Removing from the water, No trailer available, so the best thing for the client.

Job clomplete

This is where the client needed it for tear down and disposal

Boat Operations

With the availability of down view and side scan for search and recovery operations.

Dock Repair

Lake Ouachita, Arkansas, Brady Mountian Marina and resort

Broken, old and corroded through brace.

New underwater brace bracket installed

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The only question we regret, is the one we didnt ask.

If you have any questions regarding underwater work please ask. If the task is big enough I can assembly a team for the job.

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